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September 25, 2020 at 08:00 a.m. ET


Reusing Functional Tests for Load Testing


Typically, industry software testing practice is to separate load testing from functional testing. Different teams with different skills and expertise do their testing at different times, and each evaluates the results against its own criteria. We will present to you how you can reuse your functional tests for load testing. We will review the design of a load testing engine that will reuse the same functional tests and at the end of the execution, generate a comprehensive report. As part of the reviewed tooling, there will be a discussion about the best possible checks you can do in your coded load testing library and the essential load testing metrics you need to collect during the run.

What Will Present:

  • Will define the problem we had, what we needed to test- give examples

  • Popular load testing solutions- pros and cons.

  • Define the overall architecture of the solution we designed and see how it can be used to solve our problem

  • Demos- real coding how we can create the mentioned design

  • SpecFlow

  • Give real-world examples


Join this session to see the most advanced test automation features!

Anton Angelov

CTO Automate the Planet