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Maximize the value of using the BELLATRIX open-source framework by directly asking the engineers that built it.

Standard Support

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Private GITHUB Repository

Easily update, maintain, and extend your framework. We guarantee you will have access to the latest stable version.Yearly-based company subscription for:

  • Access to private Github repository
  • Private forums
  • Early access to new browser version drivers
  • Bug fixes
40per month


We can evaluate your existing software development process and application, develop custom feature or advise you on best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

5 chatbot accounts included

BELLATRIX chatbot is designed to speed up troubleshooting and bring team communication to a new level.

  • Failing Test Reason Prediction with Machine Learning
  • Comprehensive Test Report for Failing Tests
  • Test Runs and Tests Performance Reports
  • Notifications- Bugs, Test Runs
  • Codeless Test Execution of Auto-generated Test Cases
  • Search Documentation and other Test Automation Blogs
  • Communicated with our Support Team through the Chatbot
  • Help

Chat, tickets or video calls

The response time is 24h. In this addon, we will answer questions about the usage of the BELLATRIX framework and help you use it optimally. As well as explain how to customize or modify it if need it. You can report bugs related to the BELLATRIX framework. After bug triage, we can decide to fix these bugs with priority. In case you are not sure how to integrate it in Continues Integration, set up test data, or similar questions, we can provide you with some guidance or related documentation/articles. However, if you need help related to the test logic itself, following test automation best practices, writing tests in the best way, set up test infrastructure- test agents, builds, report portals, and so on, please check our BELLATRIX Services.