Process Assessment

Our experts evaluate your existing software development process and offer recommendations to improve your team’s effectiveness. This includes implementation of process enablers such as Build Automation, Automated Testing, and end to end Dev Ops.

• Evaluating staff and pinpointing where help is needed.
• Working side-by-side with your team.
• Reviewing architecture in detail to uncover problem areas.
• Optimizing your architecture to get the most out of the solutions you already have.
• Our consultants are available when and where you need them, plus your permanent team can learn new skills from our consultants while they’re there.
• Designing an automation process from scratch or improving upon an established system.

Application Assessment

Provide an independent, objective evaluation of your mobile, web or native app.

We identify and quantify risks and areas that don’t align with best practices in your software, then provide recommendations for improvement and create a roadmap for your organization to follow to adopt the recommendations.

Development Outsourcing

And we’ll ensure that you’re getting the most out of your test automation. Services include:

• Writing/Refactoring/Optimization of new/existing tests.
• Create custom features from our solutions to provide unique value to your business. Our developers know the products inside and out so you don’t have to support the solution on your own.


Support chat, tickets or video calls

The response time is 24h. In this addon, we will answer questions about the usage of the BELLATRIX framework and help you use it optimally. As well as explain how to customize or modify it if need it. You can report bugs related to the BELLATRIX framework. After bug triage, we can decide to fix these bugs with priority.
In case you are not sure how to integrate it in Continues Integration, set up test data, or similar questions, we can provide you with some guidance or related documentation/articles. However, if you need help related to the test logic itself, following test automation best practices, writing tests in the best way, set up test infrastructure- test agents, builds, report portals, and so on, please check our BELLATRIX Services. The monthly hours of support can not be transferred in the next month.

Service Rates


Evaluate process and application,mentoring and tranings
75/per hour


Rewriting tests or building custom features
45/per hour


We offer dedicated monthly support hours. Chat, tickets or video calls

Available in the following paks:

  • up to 5 hours per month
  • up to 10 hours per month
  • up to 15 hours per month
  • 20+ hours, contact us for a price quote
45/per hour

Traveling and hotel expenses not included. Taxes included