Release (Canopus)

What’s New

  • Enable parallel execution from VS and all CLI runners
  • Update all projects to .NET Framework 5.0
  • Upgrade Desktop modules to support the latest stable version of WinAppDriver
  • Simplify usage of configuration settings
  • Simplify the use of Logger class
  • Simplify all technology components and deprecate local and global override of actions
  • Rename all Until classes to WaitStrategy
  • Rename all ByLocator classes to FindStrategy
  • Simplify all wait strategies
  • Simplify usage of ServiceCollection
  • Open-source all framework test projects
  • Delete obsolete framework tests
  • Simplify project MSBuild files
  • Deprecate exception analysis feature
  • Remove shared test context logic from all projects
  • Fix a bug in the video recorder in parallel mode
  • Improving the speed of creation of services and components
  • Fix a bug in wait for not exist methods

All projects and tests are now available in the PUBLIC GitHub repository. You can submit bugs or suggestions through the GitHub issues project page.