Release (Deneb)

The most prominent of them are automation of complex web grids/tables, verification of hard-to-test functionalities such as PDFs/charts through our computer vision engine powered by machine learning, software management automation library, allowing you to install/upgrade desired software such as browsers, extensions through code.

What’s New

  • improvements in assertion libraries
  • web Table and Grid controls
  • improvements in web element ElementList collection
  • web element collection control caching
  • add new ensure web methods
  • add support for latest browsers
  • add new BELLATRIX utility methods
  • optimize of web element control- add ability to cache
  • tests execution in Docker containers- Selenoid plug-in
  • Image Recognitioning library
  • web style assetion library
  • software management automation library
  • configuration through environment variables
  • upgrade all libraries to .NET Core 3.1
  • fix all known bugs