Release (Leo)

The new release brings not only bug fixes but even more enhancements.
The most prominent ones are new UI installer for Windows, simplified native installation for Linux and MacOS. Bellatrix web and API tooling now are fully working on MacOS. Find below the list of all new things.

What’s New

  • new UI installer for Windows
  • new .NET Core project templates for Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • fix bug video recording MacOS
  • start automatically WinAppDriver for Desktop projects
  • start automatically API demos for API getting started
  • decrease templates size
  • distribute drivers as single package per browser depending on OS
  • distribute video recorder as single package depending on OS
  • fix bug Opera window not closing
  • fix bug typing text in Internet Explorer not working correctly
  • fix bug Number web control
  • update settings files screenshots and videos locations to support MacOS
  • fix multiple bugs in API, Desktop, Web Getting Started
  • add support for latest versions of Opera driver
  • add support for latest versions of Chrome driver
  • add support for latest versions of Firefox driver
  • add support for latest versions of Internet Explorer driver
  • update WebDriver to 3.14.0
  • upgrade all templates to .NET Core 2.1