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JUNE 18, 2020 at 11 a.m. ET


Parallel and Distributed Execution of Automated Tests


We will talk about what is the difference between parallel and distributed test execution. We will look into popular solutions for running tests and compare them. There will be a demo on how to run 1000 tests much faster using a distributed test runner. It will be shown how to utilize the tool, its various features and where/when it is appropriate to use it. In addition, you will find example solutions to most of the common challenges in executing tests in parallel.  We believe that in the near future the parallel tests execution will be a necessity, much like unit tests or continuous integration now. This will be one of the pillars for the companies to improve their competitiveness and effectiveness.

What Will Present:

  • How to optimize/speed up tests execution through parallelization

  • Common problems/challenges in running tests in parallel

  • Sample solutions to the challenges

  • How to stay in the game of CD


Join this session to see the most advanced test automation features!

Anton Angelov

CTO Automate the Planet

Martin Kolev

Marketing Lead