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    The new release brings not only bug fixes but even more enhancements.
    The most prominent ones are- new Web Load Testing Module where you can reuse your existing BELLATRIX web tests in the load tests. The next big thing is that BELLATRIX now seamlessly integrates with all major Test Results Reporting Portals and Tools such as Allure, Zafira, ReportPortal and Azure DevOps CI.

    What’s New

    – new web load testing module
    – new plugin for recording existing web tests for load tests
    – new test results portal/tools integrations
    – add web load testing templates
    – add new extensibility points- Pre/PostAssemblyInitialize, Pre/PostAssemblyCleanup
    – add new extensibility point for subscribing in case of exceptions in TestInit
    – add new extensibility points for video and screenshot generation
    – fix all known bugs in API, desktop, web, Android, iOS getting started
    – fix all known bugs in API, desktop, web, Android, iOS libraries
    – add support for latest versions of Opera driver
    – add support for latest versions of Chrome driver
    – add support for latest versions of Firefox driver
    – update video recording to the latest stable release of ffmpeg
    – update web full-page screenshots engine to latest stable release HTML2Canvas
    – update static analysis to the latest stable version of StyleCop
    – update all 3rd-party NuGet packages to latest stable versions

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