Easy Knowledge Transfer

Everything that your team needs to know, from installation to the most complex features.

Starter Kits

The starter kit provides you with everything that your new members need to onboard themselves by themselves.

Starter Kits

A frequent problem teams face is helping/teaching new members how to write “proper” tests using the team’s framework. Usually, one of most senior people spends countless hours on this process. Starter kits are an automated way allowing new people to learn by themselves. These are projects that have examples with explanations on how to write tests and why we use a particular method or not.

For each test technology, we created a similar starter kit for BELLATRIX. Each of them explains the features of the framework with detailed real-world examples. Moreover, they also contain detailed comments for each part. After each chapter, they offer exercises that people can do, and this makes it ideal for self-learning. Different features are grouped in separate folders, and at the end of each chapter, there is a TODO file containing the exercises.

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Rich Documentation

Find out how every feature works.

Each BELLATRIX feature is explained with lots of examples and explanations in our documentation. You can find the various use cases of each API, as well as find out how to customize it through configurations or extend it. Even the most complicated parts of the framework are fully documented- how to write new plugins or controls, for instance.

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    Autogerated Test Cases

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