Unlimited faster test execution with BELLATRIX Cloud Test Runner or Source Code Standalone version.


Parallel on Agents

Run Tests Faster in Parallel

Execute tests much faster in separate parallel processes with low CPU and RAM utilization.



Runs tests on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Smart Tests Balancing

Smart Tests Balancing

Distributes tests across remote machines based on previous tests execution times.

Failing Tests Retry

Failing Tests Retry

Retries failing tests multiple times. Do not execute tests if they are over specific threshold %.

Custom Parameters

Report Portal Integration

Automatically publish the results to Report Portal after test run completion.

Built-in Extendability

Easy Integration in any CI

Single line commands for installation, update, and run of the tests on any OS. No complex installations or configurations.

Programming Language Agnostic

1TB Failing Tests Screenshots and Videos

Automatic upload of failing test artifacts such as screenshots and videos to our cloud storage up to 1TB.

5 Free Chatbot Users

One of the best features included in the chat user is failing test reports with our ML failing test reason prediction and test performance analyzation. Learn more.


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