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BELLATRIX R1 2020 Release Webinar


We will show the newest cool features such as much faster automation of complex web grids/tables, executing multiple assertions without failing the tests immediately with our brand new Assert.Multiple method. We will look at how you can run your BELLATRIX tests via the command line with our new dotnet test plugin. At the end of the webinar, there will be a demo to our brand new integration with test case management systems such as qTest. The new plugin will generate test cases automatically and keep them up to date based on the execution of your passed tests and their steps.

We Will Present:

  • Faster Table and Grid support

  • New Edge Chromium Support

  • qTest Automatic Test Cases Generation

  • Using Multiple Assertions

  • CLI BELLATRIX Tests Execution


Join this session to see the most advanced test automation features!

Anton Angelov

CTO Automate the Planet

Martin Kolev

Marketing Lead