About Us

We develop the test automation framework BELLATRIX, which can be used to create automated tests in C#, Java, Kotlin for web, mobile, desktop, and API. To develop the test automation engineers of the future, we designed our BELLATRIX Training Program, which covers a wide range of automated testing topics from the easy bits to the most complicated aspects.

We are known worldwide in the first place with its free resources about automated testing available on our blog. It was nominated a couple of times in the past years as one of the world’s top blogs about test automation. Besides our tooling and training program, we provide consultation, professional, and outsourcing services for our clients.

How Did Everything Start?

BELLATRIX Idea Appeared

June 2016
Three years ago the BELLATRIX idea appeared, and we started to work extensively on it.

First Version

December 26, 2017
In late 2017 the first version of BELLATRIX appeared.

MEISSA First Version

March 2018
On Selenium Camp in Kyiv Ukraine the first version of MEISSA the distributed test runner was officially presented.

BELLATRIX Module for Desktop

October 2018
We released the BELLATRIX module for desktop testing.

Android and iOS Tests Support

December 2018
We added support for writing tests for Android and iOS.

Our First Customers

December 2018
Already over 300 companies were evaluating or working with our tools.

Image Recognition

December 2019
Our first feature with Machine Learning for verifing hard-to-assert functionalities such as PDFs, charts, and similar.


June 2020
We released our own chat bot for assisting tests writing and failures analization through Machine Learning.

BELLATRIX C# Trainings

September 2020
We created more than 80 hours automated testing trainings in C#.

BELLATRIX Java and Kotlin Frameworks

March 2021
New era in the company started offering tooling in Java and Kotlin.

BELLATRIX Java Trainings

April 2021
We created more than 80 hours automated testing trainings in Java.