Open Source Test Automation Framework

Customize and extend our cross-platform .NET 6 and JAVA test automation framework to perfectly fit your needs.

Start on top of hundreds of best practice features and integrations.

Completely free to use in commercial projects. No hidden fees.

We can help your team to build high-quality and highly scalable automated tests.
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Open Source

As an open source company, we're passionately engaged in numerous projects, initiatives and standards where we represent the needs and requirements of our many customers and partners.

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Test Everything

Web, including responsive, iOS, Android, Desktop, and REST services.

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Unified Framework API

All features that we provide- use the same syntax. Once you learn how to write tests for the web, you can start immediately writing for mobile, desktop, or REST.

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Seamlessly integrate the framework with your existing tools and processes. Execute tests in the clouds, distributed and publish test results in reporting solutions.

Web, desktop and API testing.
What can be tested?
Web automation cross browser - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Opera, Chrome Headless, Firefox Headless.
The standard for web automation. Open source. Large community. All major cloud platforms support it. Browser vendors support.
Mobile Automation - iOS, Android native, hybrid and mobile web apps.
The standard for mobile automation. Open source. Large community. Compatible with major cloud providers. Can run in Selenium Grid.
Desktop Automation - WPF, WinForms and Universal applications.
Officially supported by Microsoft. Can run in Selenium Grid.
API Automation - REST web services.
The standard for API automation in C#. Open source. Large community.
.NET Core
Open source. Run tests on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
MSTest, NUnit
Rich set of assert libraries. Open source. Large community.
Support all major cloud providers - CrossBrowserTesting, SauceLabs, Browserstack (mobile,web)
Easily integrated with all CI systems

On Top of That We Build the Following Advantages

Easy add new logic to your tests without causing regression issues. Control the whole execution workflow - change browsers or reuse them. Retry your failing tests to make sure that there is a real problem.
Speed up by predefined project templates, better API discoverability and go ready-to-go solution. Support advanced test case scenario like authentication strategies and retry failed requests.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Tools and Processes.

Generate test cases and bug reports automatically based on your tests. Publish the test results in all major test result portals.

All Integrations

Test report tool that not only shows a very concise representation of what has been tested in a neat web report form.

Learn more

Automatically generates test cases in a qTest based on your automated tests.

Learn more

Our Azure DevOps integrations enabled

  • Generate test cases automatically in Azure DevOps based on your automated tests. Learn more
  • Create bugs automatically on test failure. Learn more
  • Publish the test results in Azure DevOps CI. Learn more

Create bugs automatically in Jira on test failure.

Learn more

Safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services

Learn more

Azure Computer Vision cognitive service support for validation text in PDFs and images.

Learn more

Run a series of audits to measure the web application under test on the following: performance, accessibility, SEO, best practices, PWA

Learn more

AWS integrations enabled:

  • AWS Rekognition can extract printed and handwritten text from images and documents. Learn more
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service. Learn more
  • AWS Secrets Manager. Learn more

Mailslurp is a service offering powerful email & SMS APIs for development and testing.

Learn more

What Our Users Are Saying

The course is excellent the content is first class and I found Anton to be very interesting and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the class to looking to learn automation or just as a refresher course.

Brad Winborg

For now, I used only the web version of the tool because of project specific. There is some stuff I really like Locators – At the begging, it was a little hard for me to use them, but later when you get used them a little more you realize that this way for creating of elements is better than normal WebDriver one. Contains methods for IDs and classes are AWESOME! Framework’s Extensibility is excellent. They provide all default HTML elements.

Ventsislav I.
Software Engineer in Test
Innovative Lab
Open Source Test Automation Framework

Our Plans for 2024

WebDriver 4.0 Support and .NET 6

Feb 13, 2022
Add support WebDriver 4.0 and upgrade to .NET 6 + C# 10.0. Add new high-quality analyzers from .NET 6

AWS and Email Services Integrations

August 11, 2022
Add AWS integrations such as S3, PDF verification and secrets manager. Additionally, add new email services integrations to create unique email inboxes.

Support for Appium 2.0 and More AWS Integrations

November, 2022
Add support for Appium 2.0 and upgrade to latest WinAppDriver. Add more AWS integrations.

DevExtreme Components

April, 2023
Add DevExtreme Components and upgrade to .NET 7 + C# 11.0. Add new Excel services.

CkEditor Component + .NET 8

October, 2023
Add advanced CkEditor component and upgrade to .NET 8 + C# 12.0. Add Selenium Manager Support.

New Powerful Playwright Engine

Q1, 2024
BELLATRIX 4.0 with new Playwight engine for C#, Java and JavaScript versions.

BELLATRIX for JavaScript

Q2, 2024
The brand new BELLATRIX for JavaScript using TypeScript, supporting all major JS test frameworks.


Q3, 2024
New powerful integration for security automated testing. New visual testing library integration.
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